Kids in Crisis has been asked to join in on the responsibility of taking care of 400 special-needs children who live in the northern part of Nicaragua. Our organization has been working closely with local leaders on the ground for the past seven years as we have partnered with A Heart to Love Children, a local nonprofit in Nicaragua led by our dear friends Carlos and Lorena Baez.
Our first goal is to help with 195 children through a monthly sponsorship campaign. The goal of the sponsorship campaign is to partner with 1,000 monthly sponsors. Monthly sponsors would participate in supplying basic needs to these amazing kids that I have grown to love very much. Special-needs kids are often forgotten and overlooked in underdeveloped countries. There are presently 11,000 special-needs children in Nicaragua alone living in Third World poverty; many of them do not have beds to sleep in, proper housing, physical therapy, proper nutrition and medical supplies. We are calling these children the Lily’s Hope kids after our daughter Lily who was left to die in a back room in an orphanage in a very isolated part of northern China.
Our prayer and hope is that you will join with us as we stand up and declare that these children have purpose and have destiny and are very close to our Father’s heart.