One of the things we are passionate about at KIC is orphan prevention. Often children are abandoned and subsequently labeled as orphans. Not because they have no living parent, but because that parent is facing extreme financial hardships and feel s as though they have no choice but to give up their child. Sometimes all that is needed is a little support to help that parent so they can then continue to care for their child.

We are excited to announce we have an opportunity to directly help a family in this situation.

Meyling lives in Nicaragua; she is 17 years old and is wheel chair bound. She and her mother fled Nicaragua to Honduras during the war. When they returned they were not permitted to have their land and home, and have been living with family. Her mother works with one of the micro businesses that was started to provide income and therefore to prevent children being orphaned. They are no longer able to live with family and are in desperate need of a home of their own, so that Meyling’s mother can continue to care for her.

Children of the Garden, a local Nicaraguan charity, are holding a concert to raise funds and are providing labor for the building of the home.
Kids in Crisis has committed to partner with Children of the Garden to purchase land and help build the home. The total estimated cost for this project is $7000. We have already received $1000 towards this project.

When Chris travels to Nicaragua next week, he will be able to meet Meyling and her mother. These are real people needing real help; you can be a part of their story. Donate Now!

cp girl with momsmall