KIC Summer Update

We are here! This has been an amazing year so far for Kids in Crisis, especially for our KICDRUM program. I have had the privilege to work with many fantastic children throughout this school year. Our program is growing! We started last year working with twelve 4th grade boys. This year through our KICDRUM classes [...]

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Richmond Urban Crisis

Over the past three years of working with children in Richmond, Virginia, I have seen firsthand the effects that the Richmond Urban Crisis violence has on our children. In 2014 one of my students was killed in a tragic event while attempting to defend his sister. A few weeks ago one of my students from [...]

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Helping the One

I have been involved in Kids in Crisis for seven years. Initially as a volunteer, then a board member and currently as president. I have seen this organization evolve over this period from a more hands off fundraising organization to an emphasis on creating programs that directly effect and change children's lives. As a mother of five, three adopted from China, [...]

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Real Change in Richmond

As executive director and founder of one our new program KICDRUM+ ARTS, I’m so excited about all the amazing opportunities that we have in our great city of Richmond, Virginia, to bring hope, give life and make a real difference in children’s lives. In the spring of 2015 we just completed our first pilot program [...]

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Fathering the Orphan

Kids in Crisis Value - Fathering Why fathering? In the last six months I’ve been asked this question a couple of times. People ask me, “I understand the feeding and the educational aspect of Kids in Crisis, but could you explain to me the fathering part of your organization?”  Sometimes people say: “What about mothering?” [...]

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Rescued Orphans become the Rescuers

Father’s Day A couple of weeks ago l had the tremendous privilege of spending Father’s Day in an orphanage in Nicaragua, part of the team included two of my children, Ethan and Mia. As I watched my own children playing with the children in Nicaragua I noticed a lot of similarities and not a lot [...]

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138 Million Reasons Why

Kids in Crisis has been asked to join in on the responsibility of taking care of 400 special-needs children who live in the northern part of Nicaragua. Our organization has been working closely with local leaders on the ground for the past seven years as we have partnered with A Heart to Love Children, a [...]

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Kids in Crisis – From Boys to Men

In April 2008 my wife and I and a small team represented kids in crisis and joined another small team from Florida and went to Nicaragua to meet Carlos and the children that had been recently rescued from the garbage dump. I have very vivid memories of eating dinner while fourteen young boys sat with [...]

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