Kids in Crisis Family

I have been involved in Kids in Crisis for seven years. Initially as a volunteer, then a board member and currently as president. I have seen this organization evolve over this period from a more hands off fundraising organization to an emphasis on creating programs that directly effect and change children’s lives. As a mother of five, three adopted from China, I want to be able to help children where they are at, to give them a step up and a chance at a life where they feel they have self worth. With this change in our organization comes challenges, specifically in the need for increased personnel, volunteers, and committed funding. Without these things we cannot sustain these programs that have been established, and they will just become nice ideas.

Although we face challenges, as we establish ourselves as an organization that is making a real difference, it is worth it. We are driven by a passion to see children’s lives bettered. The need is overwhelming, but I have always been driven by the perspective of helping the one. It is impossible to help every child that is in need, and if we take on that burden we will become discouraged and ultimately fail. If we focus on making a significant difference in each individual child that we touch, the change for that ONE child could be life altering.

Guest Post by Rachel Yeatts