In April 2008 my wife and I and a small team represented kids in crisis and joined another small team from Florida and went to Nicaragua to meet Carlos and the children that had been recently rescued from the garbage dump. I have very vivid memories of eating dinner while fourteen young boys sat with their backs on a guard rail, very sheepishly looking up at us every now and then.

When I look back over the last seven years, I marvel at what has happened. There’s been a complete transformation of the property from a dirt hill to beautiful house, and garden to a farm and so many things have happened that it would take me too long to give all the amazing details.

I’ve shared many stories about the transformation of what has happened in the natural, but my wife and I never went to Nicaragua to help build houses or farms. We went to Nicaragua to see children’s lives transformed. Kids in Crisis was then and is now not interested in helping build institutional orphanages. Kids in Crisis is about supporting families.

Although this family in Nicaragua has many children, it is our pleasure to have supported them and to continue support them as they inspire the nation of Nicaragua and the world. With a little help, these youngsters have become an inspiration to all who hear their stories. Because of this I would like to share a portion from a letter received from those fourteen young boys who have become young men.


Hello from the young men of Cascabel:

Warm and heartfelt greetings, a hug, a kiss, our hearts for you. We are grateful to all of you because God used you as a special instrument, at the time that we really needed you. When you arrived we are very young. Barefoot, poorly dressed, poorly fed, without going to school, sleeping on the floor without a bed no mattress, no blanket and helplessness totally abandoned because of our extreme poverty experienced by our families.

You came like an angel to our aid, it was of great joy for us and for Pastor CARLOS who is and has been and will continue to be a father for us. We have truly recognized all the effort both from CARLOS and all of you. You grasped our hands, never having disgust of us having been in the trash. THANKS for this huge love. Here we are moving on. THANK YOU for helping us to be men and to work today and to be able to tell you THANK YOU.  WE HAVE SEEN the hard times of brother CARLOS, LORENA and his family attacked by the enemy, gossips, lies, sick and with sorrows, but they never caved in, but continued this work to help us, never saying no to our needs.

We have seen when they cry, when there are sometimes struggles or problems between us, they show their love and smiles of love that help us to go on. They encourage us and give us advice to gain sufficient assurance so we do not faint. From them we have learned to keep fighting and believing in God who gives us the answer. And they are happy to serve us as parents. It was not an accident but a privilege that God put people like CARLOS and you at our side to help us and grow up with tranquility. The difference has been real. From the dump to a dignified and beautiful house, the difference has been from eating discarded food in our hands to now eating on a plate, with spoons, neat and all clean, the difference was from sleeping on the floor to today sleeping in beds clean and safe. The change is real. We worked in the trash with risks of all kinds.  But today we work and continue living safely and tranquil and help the younger children.

 The whole group today who are now young men say thank you for your support. Elmer, Geyling, Bayron, Jorge, Deybin, Joseling, Martin, Franklin, Osiris, Osiel, David and Ronald along with Toribio and Wilfredo.

To you and the many people who did not know us but sowed into us so that we might succeed. Today we are changed in all aspects.

 We appreciate the sincere support for CARLOS and that you trust his work to help us and never refuse our needs. He has worked as a true and even better than true father toward us. We hope that you will be able to continue to support Carlos and Lorena because they are people of good will in this ministry.

We are here to support what we can and to say again, THANK YOU from Jalapa and CASCABEL NICARAGUA.

The young men of A HEART TO LOVE

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