Monday, was my daughter Lily’s seventh birthday. It’s hard to believe that the once frail little 2 year old china orphan was placed in my arms, only weighing 14 lbs, is now a thriving ball of energy. Here is a letter I wrote to her on her birthday.

Dear Lily
Over the past four years you have taken us on an incredible journey. There have been too many nights in the hospital to count, too many doctors’ visits to even remember, and a few moments when we thought you might not make it. We’ve heard all the specialists say you can’t do this and you won’t do that. We’ve even heard a doctor tell us that there was nothing that could be done and to go home and make the best of it until your heart just gives out. We are thrilled beyond words that you did make it and continue to prove them wrong. Lily I want to thank you for inspiring us to fight for you, for stretching us further than we ever thought we could go, for changing us and making us who we are today. Because of you I know things about myself, good and bad.
Lily you have taught me so much and have been an inspiration to me and so many people, even though you didn’t start walking until you were almost 4 years old and you still only say a very few words, your smile and your laughter says enough. You have shown me and the rest of the world that every child deserves a chance at life and to be loved. You have changed me forever.
I am honored to be your dad and I am so glad we said YES to you.
Happy birthday Lily!
lots of love

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