Meet Our Kids

Below are just some of the special needs children Kids in Crisis supports on a monthly basis.

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Frander Lopez is 10 years old. He has miopathy and cannot see well. He needs glasses which were never provided. He also has a deformed hand. Belia Vanegas works washing and ironing and makes $26.40 a month. Frander’s father left the house when he saw his son’s hand. This boy sleeps on the floor because he does not have a bed. It is interesting because they live in a community called New Hope in Wiwili.

Ada Luz lives in Sector 7 in Jalapa, north Nicaragua. Her daughter Wanda is 5 years old and suffered a cerebral hemorrhage when she was a month old. She has no movement and does not speak. Her father abandoned the family when she was born. She is cared for by her mother with the little help her family gives her. This family needs clothing, beds, special milk and medicine for Wanda.

Yader Zelaya is 15. His mom is Brenda works on and off washing and ironing clothes. She also has 2 small kids. Yader takes care of the kids when his mom works. Brenda makes 25 dollars a month.

At 2 months old Yadder started having convulsions. Today he has 3-5 without medication. The government provides this only when in stock. So the majority of the time she needs to buy it. This family has been abandoned by the father. So there are basic needs in this family. There is no water, no bathroom thy use their neighbors place. There are no beds, so they sleep in agricultural rice sacks. And no electricity. This single family lives struggling to survive in Jinoteguita Wiwili.

Elva Nidia Alfaro is 17 years old she lives in the mountains of the Wiwili area. It takes 5 hours to reach them on a bad road. She has had a cerebral paralysis. Her parents Anastacio Alfaro and  Elva Rivera have little resources. Her dad hunts in order to survive. This family needs help with food vitamins and clothing. As we are now working in these remote areas we invite you to help us help them bringing provision.

Mielydin Alanis is 4 years old. She has paralysis in her spine and feet and cannot walk and cannot speak. Her parents Jose and Ada Luz are peasant farmers growing beans and bananas in the mountains of Wiwili. Their food is scarce. They need shoes and clothing, medicine, and vitamins.

Here in this picture she is being visited by Naum on our staff.


Sugeydy Talavera was born with a dislocated pelis and she cannot walk. Her parents live from the little they can grow in the mountains in the community of San Miguel in Wiwili on the border of Honduras and Nicaragua in the north near the Miskito Coast. Sugeydy’s mother Marlen, Ester Gurdian mentions they need food, vitamins, clothing and beds. To me it sounds like her daughter could use an operation.