We’re back from our trip and had a wonderful experience.  The dresses were a HUGE hit among the little girls and even some of the older ones, which surprised me, were very interested. The pillow dresses were made by ladies at a senior center – A great example of everyone doing their part and helping however they can.

I gave the dresses to children who had been rescued out of the dump and other will be distributed in a small farming town named Jalapa. But I wanted to get photos and have stories for you so we did give some out earlier to some of the children at the children’s home we operate. Here are a few details that I know about these particular girls that received the pillowcase dresses.

pillow dresses1






Jammelin: She is one of 6 children who recently came to the children’s home because her mother died. She is a very needy child and was hanging on the women of the group quite a bit. Very sweet but you can tell she has had a tough time in the last year. (father is out of the picture…) She picked her dress out first and truly I think she was more excited than anyone!

pillow dresses2

This is Mauda and she is the oldest sister of the sibling group of 6 that came to the home recently. She’s quite into style and she’s very particular so I think she found it great to be able to pick something out that she liked.

pillow dresses3






Jemma (pronounced Hemma) is a beautiful child with a sweet spirit. She was found at the dump with her mother, who had mental disabilities. Jemma has been with us about 7 years and has really blossomed and grown. I love this little gal…

Written by Guest Blogger -Nancy Caine, Kids in Crisis Board Secretary

Nancy Caine is an editor, copy writer and newspaper reporter with several decades of experience in the media. She’s also on the board of Flutemaker Ministries which serves children in Nicaragua and helped establish the Jardin del Nino in Somoto, Nicaragua. Nancy also founded Cascabel Creations, a wholesale and retail enterprise that provides products for Feed My Starving Children, as well as supplies jobs for workers in Nicaragua.