“We traveled in the back of a pick-up for an hour to visit this little guy.  He will never know we were there, but it felt so right.  We were able to take this child a bed.  What a treat it was.  His mom was so touched.  It certainly gives a new feel to shopping for a new pair of flip flops, or another pair of jeans.  The perspective of life, comforts and what I consider a necessity or an extra has deeply been challenged by our visiting the Lily’s Hope kids in Nicaragua. I pray we are able to continue giving even when it means sacrificing for these children. The Lily’s Hope children lack so much including basic needs for life.” Mary Nelson

This is a quote from Mary Nelson who has been to Nicaragua twice in the last six months and has seen the overwhelming needs that special-needs children and their families face living in extreme poverty. Please consider joining with her by becoming a monthly sponsor today. Help us join with Mary so we can we can buy more beds, food and basic needs items for the over 11,000 children in Nicaragua who need our help and give rest for the weary.