Crisis and KICDRUM

Kids are in crisis in the inner cities of America. Over the last year I’ve seen firsthand the effects of violence, broken lives, and families torn apart. Two Saturday’s ago in a housing project just across the street from one of the middle schools where we have our KICDRUM program, two children, 11 and 13, [...]

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138 Million Reasons Why

Kids in Crisis has been asked to join in on the responsibility of taking care of 400 special-needs children who live in the northern part of Nicaragua. Our organization has been working closely with local leaders on the ground for the past seven years as we have partnered with A Heart to Love Children, a [...]

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A Former Reluctant To Adopt Husband

This post is a little lengthy, but I thought some of you would get a kick out of seeing some of my journey in regards to adopting special-needs children. Four years ago I was interviewed by a friend, Anthony Salem about adoption from a man’s perspective. A lot has happened in the last four years, [...]

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